7 Restaurant Tips from an Italian in Berlin

berlin il casolare

By Timoti, our Italian host living in Berlin As an Italian food lover, moving to Berlin was kind of a scary move. I love experiencing local food, but actually every time I asked around what’s the really authentic food to eat in Berlin, I got puzzling answers. Apparently they consider the currywurst (“Berliner Art”, they say), the… 

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10 Must-Try Restaurants in Boston

Our lokal expert, David, helped us compile this handy list of 10 restaurants you must try the next time you visit Boston, Massachusetts. From Texas-style BBQ to Barcelona tapas and French-Cambodian, this list offers a wide range of choices and represents the diverse food scene of Boston. If we’ve missed any must-try haunts, let us know… 

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Seven Ways to Take Your Coffee

If you’re like me, your daily routine has remained the same for a while now. For the past 5 years I’ve started my weekday mornings scuffling with the snooze button on my alarm clock, rushing out of bed, throwing my clothes on, and running out the door…Yet, my routine is never complete without stopping by… 

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Another Delicious Feast Chez Iria and Elsie

Iria and Elsie have done it again! These two really know how to throw a fabulous dinner party. This past weekend, they invited 6 BookaLokal guests into their home for a proper winter feast. To start, they served a blood sausage dish with applesauce and crumbly roquefort cheese, then came a lentil dish with ham,… 

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belgian beer brussels women

The Feminine Side of Beer

By Sarah Dheedene When you love to write and enjoy photography, are Belgian, a woman AND love beer, it’s hard to say “no” to a proposal to be a blogger for one day, and attend an event titled “Women & Beer” organized by John Martins in collaboration with Belgian Beer and Food.  I just happened… 

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