Champagne & Chocolate with Alex & Alex

champagne tasting

By Sarah Dheedene A dive into the classiest drink on the planet, plus a touch of Belgium’s savoir-faire with exotic cocoa beans from around the world. That’s the evening that I recently got to enjoy with Charles-Eric from Alex & Alex and I can definitely tell you it’s an evening you would love. I’ve always been… 

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8 Virginia Wineries Worth the Visit from DC

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON 5/18/2015 BY LAURA HAYES FOR THRILLIST What do Donald Trump, Dave Matthews, and the founders of AOL have in common? They all own wineries in Virginia. That should be a sign that the fifth largest wine-producing region in the country is exiting puberty and coming into full-on awesome. But choosing from 250+ wineries in… 

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A Lokal Lets us in on “Her Montreal”

Written by Amie Watson of Multiculturiosity Blog BookaLokal Host Amie Watson shares the ins and outs of her favorite places to eat in Montreal. Check out her blog for more on the “Best of” Montreal, recipes, cookbooks, reviews, and more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MissWattson and like her page on Facebook. One… 

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Lokal Tips from Vilnius, Lithuania

Written by Elizabeth Georgian It may come as a surprise, as guidebooks frequently share little about Vilnius, Lithuania, but there is a great food scene here. Don’t expect only potato, beetroot, or meat dishes – there is so much more to uncover in Vilnius! 1. La Boheme is one of my favorite restaurants in Vilnius. They serve… 

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Mixing Cocktails with Bloomery SweetShine

Written by Katie Rose, read the full article on her blog here. Bloomery Plantation Distillery in Charles Town, West Virginia is bringing moonshine out of the shadows and into the world of quality, craft cocktails. Bloomery’s all natural SweetShine begins with 190 proof moonshine and adds pure cane sugar and farm-fresh ingredients. Their time and… 

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