Lokal Tips from Vilnius, Lithuania


Written by Elizabeth Georgian It may come as a surprise, as guidebooks frequently share little about Vilnius, Lithuania, but there is a great food scene here. Don’t expect only potato, beetroot, or meat dishes – there is so much more to uncover in Vilnius! 1. La Boheme is one of my favorite restaurants in Vilnius. They serve… 

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Travel Tip: Check Out Trip Tribe

We love introducing you to cool new companies that offer awesome experiences around the world, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to Trip Tribe! They provide a platform for travelers to connect, meet, and travel together on curated group travel adventures around the globe.   From cooking paleo in Chiang Mai to enjoying the local flavors of… 

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berlin il casolare

7 Restaurant Tips from an Italian in Berlin

By Timoti, our Italian host living in Berlin As an Italian food lover, moving to Berlin was kind of a scary move. I love experiencing local food, but actually every time I asked around what’s the really authentic food to eat in Berlin, I got puzzling answers. Apparently they consider the currywurst (“Berliner Art”, they say), the… 

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Lunch at Mossel and Gin in Amsterdam

13 Essential Tips For Dining Abroad

Guest post from our incredible host Jess, find more at her blog, The Dining Traveler. One of the best ways to discover a new destination is through its food.  A shot of soju at a restaurant in Seoul allows you to peek into Korean culture.  Whether it is biting into an Oliebol (Dutch doughnut) or… 

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9 Best Eats in The Hague

We checked in with Anouk, our host from the Hague, Netherlands recently to see what some of her favorite places to eat are. She filled us in on the best places to grab a bite in her city, check out the list she helped us come up with below. 1. Situated in the Hague’s harbor is… 

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